Paying your rent online is easier than ever with TurboPay

TurboTenant is excited to announce our newest feature: Rent Payments! Easily and securely set up monthly payments for rent, utilities, one-time fees or deposits. You can pay by bank transfer (completely FREE) or by credit/debit card (3.49% processing fee).

We are currently in the beta phase of launching our online rent payments platform. To request an invite to join our beta group, please click the link below and we will contact you and your landlord with the next steps.

Rent Payments FAQs

How do I pay rent using TurboPay? ​

Your landlord will send you an introduction email telling you about TurboPay and explaining how it works. 

To pay the charge, you will need to connect your bank account or add a credit/debit card to your account. After that first charge, you will continue to receive an email notification whenever a charge is due. Within your TurboTenant account, you can see all the charges that are due and those that have already been paid.

When will online rent payments be available?

You can invite your landlord to our closed beta group here. We will be launching to the public in March of 2020.

How much does it cost to pay rent online?

There may be a cost to the renter based on how they decide to pay. TurboPay allows landlords to receive payments from their tenants via:

ACH (Bank Transfer) – Completely FREE for your tenant
Credit or Debit Card – There is a 3.49% Processing Fee on top of the charge amount

How are online rent payments secure?


TurboPay uses the best in class payment processor Stripe to securely transfer money from you to your landlord. You and your landlord’s bank account information is encrypted within Stripe and is not available to anyone else.