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Prorated Rent Calculator

How do you prorate rent?

Prorating rent is a breeze with TurboTenant’s prorated rent calculator. Whether you are moving in or out, all you need is your rent amount, the month of move-in or move-out, and your rent amount is ready to go. 

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What is prorated rent?

Prorated rent is the amount a landlord will charge a tenant when they are only occupying a property for part of the agreed-upon term.

How do you calculate prorated rent?

Prorated rent is calculated by dividing the total number of days in the month to get the daily rent amount. Once that is calculated, you can use that amount to calculate prorated rent for a move-in or move-out.

When can you ask for prorated rent?

You can ask for prorated rent any time you are moving in on a day other than the 1st of the month or moving out before the last day of the month. A lease may specify when prorated rent for move-in and move-out may be applicable. There are also local and state laws that pertain to prorated rent, so if any issues arise, check with your local housing authority to see what laws your area has.

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