Rent to Income Ratio Calculator

What is a good rent to income ratio?

A good rent-to-income ratio is around 30% of gross income. Most landlords will require that as a minimum percentage. The biggest financial concern that landlords face is the non-payment of rent, so ensuring their prospective tenants can afford the monthly rent is a top priority.

We’ve given you a couple ways to calculate it. The first calculator will give you a percentage based on gross monthly income and the rent amount. The second calculator will let you customize the ratio and give you target amounts for both the rent and gross monthly income. 

Rent-to-Income Ratio Calculators


What is a good rent to income ratio?

A good rent to income ratio recommendation is usually 30%. So, roughly 30% of a tenant’s gross salary should go toward rent.

How do you calculate rent to income ratio?

To calculate a rent to income ratio, you will need the monthly gross income of the tenant and the rent they will be paying, as well as a percentage threshold. A general guideline is around 30% of gross income. You will then divide the rent by the gross income to get the percentage.


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