Do ESAs Count as Pets?

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Allowing pets in your rental can rack up thousands of dollars in extra income and shorten your vacancy cycle – but what about housing other creatures, like emotional support animals (ESAs) and service animals?

This ebook explains everything landlords must know to follow the law and increase your bottom line.

Pets and ESAs Ebook

Can you charge pet rent for an emotional support animal?

This ebook answers that question and teaches you how to:

We explain pet rent, deposits, and fees so you earn more.

Quick upgrades to protect your investment and make Fido happy.

Feel confident in your Fair Housing Act and ADA compliance.

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Emotional Support Animal and Pet FAQs

An emotional support animal aids their owner’s mental health and should be prescribed by a healthcare provider like a therapist.

There is no limit to how many properly registered ESAs a person can have, but be sure to ask for an ESA Housing Letter for each animal.

No, you can’t charge any additional fees or deposits for an emotional support animal.

No, ESAs are different than service animals. Service animals must have specific training to support their owner’s disability; emotional support animals provide mental support without such training.

No, ESAs are not pets. ESAs have special protections granted by the Fair Housing Act while pets do not. Landlords can ban pets from rentals, but properly registered ESAs must always be allowed.  

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